Wyre is Winding Down

As you saw with our announcement on June 16th, Wyre will be winding down its business operations. Providing robust payments and custody infrastructure for the last 10 years has been an exciting and a tough job — and Wyre definitely isn’t immune to difficult market conditions.

We first started building what became Wyre in the summer of 2014. A small group of people set out to figure out how to build a business on bitcoin - there was no “crypto” at the time. After relentlessly building and pivoting, we launched our API product suite in 2017. No matter the roadblocks we experienced, Wyre has prioritized customers and compliance first, especially as part of our mission to remove barriers for developers looking to build in the crypto space.

While no one likes a sad ending, we remain equally as excited as ever to see how the crypto economy will grow and change our financial ecosystem.

What happens now?

It has been the ride of a lifetime serving the industry all these years. We appreciate all of the support we have received.

If you’re interested in acquiring any of the assets of Wyre and its subsidiaries, please reach out to 88 Partners at gregg@88partners.co.

Thank you,
The Wyre Team

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