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With the Wyre SDK, applications get a compliant, regulated and easy to use fiat onramp. Take customer fiat deposits directly onto your platform from all geographies where Wyre operates — all this in under 10 lines of code.

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Customise with our API

With the Wyre API, partners have full control over all aspects of users flows and UX. You will be able to provide on/off ramps, payment processing, liquidity and compliance natively on your application.

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const WyreClient = require("@wyre/api").WyreClient; let wyre = new WyreClient({ format: "json_numberstring", apiKey: "YOUR-API-KEY", secretKey: "YOUR-SECRET-KEY" }); wyre.get("/v2/account").then( account => { console.log("I am Wyre account ",; }, err => { console.log("Problems, cap'n: ", err); } );

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Traders are able to exchange fiat currency (USD, GBP, EUR, AUD) for cryptocurrency (ETH) — all within their self-custodied wallet using the AirSwap trading interface.

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