API Solution for Global Payments

Mass Payouts

Easily send payments to your platform's international users. Delivered in hours, not days.


Free FDIC-insured US virtual bank accounts available for all foreign users that do business in the United States.

Mid-market Rates

No hidden fees and real exchange rates means you always know exactly how much your payouts are costing.

An international payment platform built for global business.

  • Same day settlement
  • No hidden bank or FX fees -- saving you and your merchants money
  • Free virtual banking for all of your merchants that opt-in
  • We're licensed and secure
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Shakepay uses the Wyre API to power mass payouts.

“Wyre provided us with the most seamless API's we've worked with. It allowed our business to scale with minimal implementation time, and their support is second to none!”
Jean Amiouny | CEO | Shakepay

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