The best way to send money online.

The Wyre Dashboard is the easiest way to instantly send money across the world. Log in now to learn more about the Wyre dashboard and make your first payment.

Send Money Online

Easily send money around the world. Unlike your bank, we deliver your funds in hours—not days—and only charge 0.75% to do it.

Exchange Currency

See a great rate and want to convert currency before paying out to a recipient? Instantly convert between any of our supported currencies and hold on the dashboard.

Send with confidence

Our currency exchange rates are realtime, so what you see is what you get. Start a transaction to lock in the exchange rate and guarantee your recipient gets exactly what they need. You always get the midmarket rate, and we charge a simple 0.75% fee.

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International Payments delivered in under 6 hours.

Track every step.

You shouldn't be confused about where your payments are. Follow them from start to finish for real-time insight on what's happening with your funds.

Robust, real-time transaction reporting

Transactions add up. We make sure you can always find exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Use our powerful search and filter to effortlessly recall any transaction.

Manage your beneficiaries

Save time by easily managing and referencing recurring contacts for your business.

Need more volume or business control?

Integrate with our money transfer API for a full service transfer experience. Check out more details or contact us to get started.

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Start saving time and send money with Wyre