Credit Card turns into multiple cool NFTs

The only solution for building your entire NFT marketplace

The only solution for building your entire NFT marketplace

Wyre is the only complete and compliant platform for brands and developers to build an NFT marketplace.

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A credit card turning into cool NFT items
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The backbone to your infrastructure.
Flexible, White Labeled, and Compliant.

The backbone to your infrastructure. Flexible, White Labeled, and Compliant.

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Out of the box solutions
Installed with just five lines of code, our NFT checkout widget offers the world's most popular payment methods.
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Rest API
Our simple to integrate API's work across a variety of different blockchain protocols.
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Built for scale

Stress tested with up to 6000 transactions per second. Drop the most hyped NFT's and we'll take care of the rest.

Grow with Us
Fully Compliant
We take care of licensing and compliance setup so you can focus on your vision.
Easy to love
Buy & Sell Easily
Our simple fiat to crypto on/off ramps enable your users to interact using the world’s most popular payment methods.
Global payouts
Global Payouts
Wyre's dense network of global payout rails helps you easily send payouts to sellers, wherever they are.
Global Payment
Global Payments
Take payments from users across the world, via credit and debit card, ACH and wire transfer.
Ready to go
Custody NFTs
Remove the complexity and let Wyre handle the custody of NFTs, from wallet creation to key management.
Multi-Currency Support
We provide suport for over 60 FIAT and crypto currencies, making our API the most comprehensive and friendly to use.

We’re on a mission to make NFT marketplaces accessible to everyone

Wyre is ready to go whenever you are. Get started with us today for the most secure and accessible NFT marketplace solution.

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Easy. From start to never stopping.

Artist friendly
Wyre’s NFT minting solution enables creators to transform their art into tangible digital assets on a blockchain
Robust for both partners and users
Our custody solution provides robust key management and wallet creation for both partners and end users alike
Transfer seamlessly
Seamlessly transfer NFT's to buyers and sellers instantly and for zero cost.
NFT disbursement support
Whether you’re on Wyre rails or require direct interaction with the blockchain, we support your NFT disbursement needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answered you need here, no worries, our knowledgeable team is here to help.
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What is the fee structure for Wyre’s NFT widget?

All fees are borne by the purchaser of the NFT, and the fees mirror Wyre’s existing fee structure.

How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started! All we need is some preliminary information from you about your project and a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours.

What fiat currencies does Wyre’s NFT widget support?

Our NFT widget supports NFT sales in any of Wyre’s supported fiat currencies, both for purchases and fund disbursements to marketplaces and creators.

What payment methods does Wyre’s NFT widget support?

Apple pay, Google pay, mastercard, visa, ACH, and wire transfers.

How does settlement work?

Wyre can support multiple fund disbursement structures, with settlement times and methods configured to meet your needs. Wyre can facilitate payouts to marketplaces as well as bespoke structures where creators are directly paid for their art.

What blockchain protocols does Wyre’s NFT widget support?

Wyre’s widget can be run on any of the leading blockchain protocols.

Is Wyre Compliant?

Wyre is a registered MSB with the US Government and maintains a network of MTL’s which allow the company to operate across the United States. Our “Compliance-in-a-box” solution allows partners to operate in the US in a fully compliant manner, no need for licensing and compliance setup. 

How many geographies are supported?

Wyre is regulated both domestically and internationally. Wyre can provide Credit and Debit Card processing in 60+ Geographies. Additionally, Wyre can currently off-ramp in several major international currencies, with more bank transfer off-ramp rails being turned on in Q3. NFT marketplaces can use Wyre rails to scale globally, regardless of where in the world they are located.