What can be powered by Wyre?

Wyre allows companies to focus on growth and users, not compliance and payments infrastructure.







Easy KYC and Fiat On Ramp

Whether you are an embedded wallet, seed phrase wallet, or a smart contract wallet, Wyre’s API is extensible to provide kycaml validation and fiat onramp services for your users.

"We're excited to be working so closely with Wyre to make fiat on-ramps possible to the DApp world. For mass adoption to take place we need to work together to provide the best experience for new users. Wyre is an amazing partner for realizing that vision.”

Tom Teman, Portis



Your Web Module for Fiat In & Out

Centralized or decentralized, Wyre can help you compliantly onboard & onramp your users so that you can focus on building liquidity. Integrate Wyre to enable your users to deposit and withdraw funds, whether that's $100 or $1MUSD.

“Paying with USD was one of our most-requested features, and doing it from scratch is a colossal task. But integrating Wyre as a payment gateway took very little time and made countless users happy. This decision really helped us accelerate the adoption of non-fungible tokens in the US.”

Alex Atallah, Opensea



User Experience for OpFi

You've built an awesome blockchain-native application. Now reach mainstream users. Whether you're building in gaming, defi, or other exciting use cases, our goal is to help your fiat-native users to go from "0 to cryptokitties" in 20 seconds.

“Wyre does exactly what we need: liquidate significant blocks of crypto with zero hiccups, at all hours of the day. And even better: they're professional, thoughtful, and pleasant partners to work with.”

Andy Bromberg, Coinlist



Immediate access to DAI

Wyre is an early adopter of DAI and the first money transmitter in the USA to power fiat on/offramp for the decentralized stablecoin. Since August 2018, we've added $100MUSD of DAI into the ecosystem. Let us help your protocol to do the same.

"As part of our mission to level the economic playing field, we're thrilled to work with Wyre to offer developers a way to build seamless connections to and from a world of fiat currencies and Dai, giving organizations access to a truly decentralized and stable currency pegged to the US dollar."

Rune Christensen, MakerDAO

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