Refund and Error Resolution Policy

Last updated March 9, 2021

This Refund and Error Resolution Policy sets forth the obligations of Wyre Payments, Inc. and its affiliates, including but not limited to Wyre Payments Pty Ltd (“we,” “our” or “Wyre”), to provide refunds in certain circumstances and the processes you must follow to request and receive a refund or report an Error (defined below). The User Agreement is incorporated herein by reference. Any term capitalized but not defined has the meaning specified in the User Agreement.


This Section 1 provides the terms for any refund requests or error resolution reports with respect to your use of the Core Services.

  1. Cancelling your transaction. If you need to cancel a funds transfer (solely in fiat) and receive a full refund, including any fees, you must visit our Help Center and submit a refund request within thirty (30) minutes of initiating the transfer. You will be asked to provide information that Wyre needs in order to trace your transfer and provide a refund. If you do not provide the requested information, Wyre cannot provide a refund. We will confirm receipt of your request. Wyre will review and process your refund request and will issue the refund within three (3) business days (any day that banks are open in New York, NY).

    If the funds have been transferred to the designated recipient prior to Wyre’s receipt of your refund request, Wyre is not able to provide a refund. You should contact the recipient and the recipient’s financial institution.

    Refunds are only available to consumers who conducted the transfer for personal, family or household purposes. Refunds are not offered to commercial users. Refunds are not offered for digital currency transfers.

  2. Errors. If you believe an Error has occurred, you must visit our Help Center and make a report upon your discovery of the Error. Upon receipt of your report, Wyre will investigate your claim and make a determination as to whether an Error has occurred. We endeavor to complete each investigation within ten (10) days of receipt of your report, but in any event will complete our investigation within ninety (90) days thereof. Within three (3) days of completing our investigation, we will inform you of our conclusion. If we have determined an Error did occur, we will either provide you with a refund or will complete the requested transfer to provide the designated recipient with the funds necessary to resolve the Error. Please note that we are only required to refund fees where we failed to make funds available to the recipient by the date of availability we specified. If our failure to do so was due to your error (e.g., providing incorrect or insufficient information) that is not an Error and we will not refund fees.

    For transfers over USD$15.00 conducted for personal, family or household purposes, each of the following is an ”Error”:

    • Wyre charged you an incorrect amount for your transaction;
    • Wyre made a computational error, such as a miscalculation of the amount sent to your designated recipient;
    • Wyre did not provide you with all the required information about your transaction. This includes not providing you with (i) notice of all amounts due to complete a transaction, (ii) a transaction receipt, (iii) confirmation of your transaction, in each case, unless the problem was caused by extraordinary circumstances outside our control;
    • Wyre conducts a transaction that you did not authorize; or
    • Your designated recipient did not receive your transferred funds by the date Wyre stated it would make such funds available when you conducted the transaction, unless such delay was caused due to (i) extraordinary circumstances outside our control and that we could not have reasonably anticipated; (ii) issues flagged during fraud screenings (including that the transfer was made with fraudulent intent or the designated recipient appears to be fraudulent); (iv) regulatory requirements, including but not limited to those imposed by the Office of Foreign Assets Controls.
  3. Reversals and Chargebacks. If you receive funds in your Wyre Wallet that are later refund or the transfer is otherwise invalidated for any reason, you are responsible for all funds you erroneously received plus any fees incurred by us (including any applicable chargeback fee). When we are required to reverse a funds transfer, such funds will be deducted from the same Wyre Wallet and in the same currency as the initial transfer. If the balance of the transferred currency in your Wyre Wallet is not sufficient to cover the refund or reversal, Wyre reserves the right to convert other currency in your Wyre Wallet(s) at the exchange rate then offered by Wyre to meet your obligation with respect to such refund or reversal.


Generally, Wyre does not offer any refunds to users of the Checkout Service. When you purchase digital currency from Wyre using the Checkout Service, Wyre immediately transfers the purchased digital currency to your designated External Wallet. If you believe a Checkout Service transaction was conducted fraudulently, please alert your bank or card issuer, as applicable, and follow their instructions. Wyre may, in its sole discretion, provide a refund in certain circumstances.

Please be aware that fraudulent transactions may result in the loss of your money with no recourse.

If you have any questions on this Refund and Error Resolution Policy, please visit our Help Center or contact Wyre at [email protected] or +1 (415) 374-7356.